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From the Principals Pen

Please mark your calendars for dates that our students will be involved in year-end achievement testing through TCAP/TNReady for grades 3-5 (Apr. 17-21) and TCAP testing for 2nd grade (May 1-3).We are glad to report that the length of the testing sessions has been significantly reduced this year. Please make every effort to ensure that your child is at school every day during the testing because the reports that we receive from the testing provide much information not only regarding your child’s specific areas of progress, strength, and need, but the direction that our instruction needs to take, as well.

We still have much to learn and our staff is onboard to provide every support to help our students reach grade level expectations and beyond. Spring brings lots of ball practices, nighttime events, outside play, and work, but especially now, we need your support each night to ensure that your child gets adequate rest, takes advantage of learning opportunities through nightly homework, and yes, AGENDAs still need to be signed each night.

Are you wondering when you can register your incoming kindergarten child? Pre-registration will take place the week of May 8—12.Check our website for specific hours to pre-register. Students must be 5 on or before Aug. 15, 2017, and a current proof of residence in the parent’s name must be presented in order to pre-register. Remember that this is pre-registration and you will be required to provide a current proof of residence when your child enters school in August during kindergarten phase-in.

Thank you for being such an important part of your child’s life and learning! We are developing “Learners for Life and Leaders for Tomorrow” at Barfield Elementary School!


Judy Goodwin