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Technology FAQ


How does my child get on I-Ready on the computer?
Go to the Barfield Homepage. Click Students from the navigation. Select Clever. Choose Log-in with Active Directory. Enter the username and password supplied by RCS. Click the I-Ready Link.
How does my child get on I-Ready on an iPad?
You will need to download the Clever and I-Ready for Students app from the App store. Watch one of the videos below for log-in procedures.
For desktop and mobile devices:
For mobile devices:
Is I-Ready available on the iPhone?
Not at this time
What browser should I use?
Although other browsers may work, I-Ready is optimized for Google Chrome. Be sure to have the latest version of Chrome and Flash. 
My child says he/she needs to be on I-Ready 45 minutes per week Can he/she be doing more to help his/her performance in math?
I-Ready is designed to be used in short daily bursts of 10-15 minute sessions. 45 minutes is the optimal time for usage to prevent student burnout. Teachers may assign math work in other apps for remediation and enrichment.
One Drive/Office 365
Is One Drive/Office 365 available to all students
One Drive/Office 365 accounts are available for all students in 3rd through 12th grade.
How does my child get on One Drive/Office 365 on the computer?
Go to the Barfield Homepage. Click Students from the navigation. Select One Drive. When prompted, enter the username and password supplied by RCS. 
Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
How can I keep my child safe when going online?
Here are some basic guidelines for keeping your child safe online
  • Follow family rules about when and where to use the Internet.
  • Be polite, kind, and respectful.
  • Understand a website's rules, and know how to flag other users for misbehavior.
  • Recognize "red flags," including someone asking you personal questions such as your name and address.
  • Never share your name, your school's name, your age, your phone number, or your email or home address with strangers.
  • Never send pictures to strangers.
  • Keep passwords private (except from parents).
  • Never open a message from a stranger; it may contain a virus that can harm a computer.
  • Immediately tell an adult if something mean or creepy happens.
Where can I learn more about safe and appropriate use of technology for my child?
Common Sense Media is an independent non-profit organization that regularly reviews apps, movies, games, websites and technology tools for children. They provide great strategies for talking to your kids and resources for learning more about our ever changing media landscape. Click here to go to their website.
Where can I access my child's grades?
All students in grades 3-12 have their grades posted online via Information Now. You can access the Information Now (Inow) portal by going to the Barfield Homepage. Click Parents from the navigation. Select Information Now Portal. Usernames and passwords for parents are supplied by the school.
How can I contact my child's teacher?
Go to the Barfield Home Page. Click About Us from the navigation. Select Staff Directory. Scroll to find your child's teacher. Click the link to access their webpage or send them an email.
How can I find out what is going on at Barfield?
Calendar events and news items are posted at the beginning of each month on the Barfield homepage.