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Children often lose skills over the summer without opportunities to practice what they’ve learned in school. Follow some of the tips below so that your child will continue to be enthusiastic about learning and build the academic skills needed for school success. Have a wonderful summer!

* Create structure - routines help students learn new things more easily.

* Use everyday activities like cooking and gardening to teach math and science.

* Leave messages and questions on post-its so your child can write back. Have your child help write to-do lists or grocery lists.

* Create a place for your child to read, write, draw, and learn.

* Make it a family activity to read silently, take turns reading, and visit the library.

* Purchase workbooks to practice letters and numbers.

* Plan activities and trips based on interests, and teach history and the arts.

* Take along books, sing-a-long tapes, and notebooks to write on.

* Expose your child to parks, museums, concerts, plays, and the outdoors.

* Limit screen time; instead involve your child in social activities.

Mrs. Marylyn Caperton – Extension 4

Ms. JoAnn Graves – Extension 5