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We were excited to see many of our parents at Parent Orientation during the last couple of weeks!  These meetings are extremely important to putting you “in the know” about what to expect this year.  We were pleased that 91% of our kindergarten students were represented and 4th Gr. had 71%attendance.  If you were unable to attend, please contact your child’s teacher to receive critical information that was shared during the parent meeting.

Please be reminded that identifying your child as a “walker” to get into a parked car across the street is not a school-sanctioned dismissal method.  This is not only a dangerous practice, but movement of traffic in those areas is delaying our on-site dismissal.  If traveling by car, please access your children either through Orange (kindergarten only at 2:45), Green (Schoolside St., K-2 only), or Purple Car Riders (in front of the gym).  Please make sure that you put a note in your child’s AGENDA if you need to make a change and request the appropriate car rider sign for your child.


Do you have a new cell phone?  Be sure to set up your voice mailbox so you do not miss important information and consequently, become concerned because you missed a call from school.  When emergencies occur or messages are sent, we need to be able to leave information regarding your child.  Also, please be sure to update the office on any changes in phone numbers or addresses.  

We have recently received information from Tennessee Dept. of Education Commissioner McQueen that public schools will be receiving an A-F grade based on not only student achievement and academic growth, but the attendance of our students will be factored in, as well.  Simply put, when a child misses school, they will miss out on the opportunity to learn what is being taught that day.  Developing the habit of “reporting to work every day” is an essential for the future success in life.  Please join with us in this effort to ensure that your child is at school every day that he or she can be.

The beginning of a new school year is so exciting and so full of promise.  I can’t wait to see all that OUR CHILDREN will accomplish this year!  Thank you for being an important part of theBarfield Team!

                                                                                                                --Judy Goodwin