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Counselors Corner

Conversations about school:


Every parent has asked their child “How was school today?” and received little to no response. Try these conversation starters that may get more responses and will also help you to assist your child.


· “Let’s see what you brought home.” This will help you know how your child is doing, and it will also be an opportunity to respond to the teacher’s notes and sign the agenda.

· “What’s the coolest thing that happened? What wasn’t so cool?” You will learn not only the good things that happened but what caused unhappy feelings as well.

· “Tell me what you learned that you’d like to know more about.” This tells you what your child is interested in so that you can expand on it with trips to the library, the park, or the zoo, etc.

Bedtime reading is a also a great way to develop language skills and spend quiet time together.

· “Show me what you have for homework.” Make sure your child understands what needs to be done by having him/her explain the assignments to you. Look over it to see that it is finished.

· “Tell me what choices you made that made you a good learner today.” If your child cannot answer this question, encourage them to think of positive things they are learning to do that will help them succeed.


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