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From the Clinic

We all lead busy and often stressful lives.  Who has time for your kids to be sick?  When illness strikes, parents often seek out antibiotics so they can get well as quickly as possible.  Many times, however, illness is caused by a viral infection that will not get better with an antibiotic.  In fact, treating a viral infection with an antibiotic does more harm than good.  Overuse of antibiotics has led to antibiotic resistance causing infections that were once easy to treat, to be very difficult to get rid of.
Talk to your doctor about when it is appropriate to treat an infection with an antibiotic.  If an antibiotic is necessary, be sure to finish it as prescribed; don't stop the medication just because your child is feeling better.  Likewise, do not save any leftover medication for the next illness.  Never take an antibiotic (or any other medication) that was not prescribed for you.  
Jessica Floyd, RN BSN
Barfield Elementary School Nurse
904-3810 x 22521