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From the Principal's Pen

The TN Dept. of Education has issued details of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). One of the components of this important act in determining the effectiveness of public schools is school attendance. Students who are determined to be “chronically absent” will weigh into the rating that our school will receive, so we strongly encourage you to delay vacations and other non-essential absences from school until school vacation times, such as fall, winter, spring, or summer break. We want your child to receive the full benefit of the instruction that Barfield offers.

Quite often parents and visitors to our school have made positive remarks about how kind and caring our staff is at Barfield Elementary School. This was affirmed once again recently when our staff pledged $5,655 to United Way which provides much needed funds to local service agencies that serve our community’s children and families. Way to go, Staff!

We invite you to join your child/children for Thanksgiving lunch at Barfield either on Nov. 8th (Line 1 only) and/or Nov. 15th (Line 2 only). The special meal will be served only on the designated food service line that day. The cost for guests will be $5.00. Check with your child for which line they are served in the cafeteria. If you have more than one child and your time to join us is limited, ask your teacher to help you make arrangements for your children to eat with you at the same time. Please remember that parents may not bring outside restaurant food for students to eat in the cafeteria at lunch times, and we ask that cell phones not be used during this special time with your child.

     A sign that I painted is on my patio and reminds me every morning as I leave for school, “Begin each day with a grateful heart. We can see our lives as full of “lack” or we can view our existence as “blessed.” Even in the toughest of times, we can choose to be thankful for even the smallest of blessings. At Barfield we are so very blessed with a wonderful staff, remarkable students, and a supportive school community. Thank you for blessing my life in so many ways! --Judy Goodwin