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Officer Angela's News

 I would like to remind everyone that on January 1, 2018, the following new law became effective and will be enforced in all school zones.  


TCA 55-8-207 Mobile telephone in school zone or with hands-free device by minor

  - It is an offense for a person to knowingly operate a motor vehicle in any marked school zone in this state, when a warning flasher or flashers are in operation, and talk on a hand-held mobile telephone while the vehicle is in motion.

  - It is a delinquent act for a person under eighteen (18) years of age to knowingly operate a motor vehicle on any road or highway in this state and talk on a mobile telephone that is equipped with a hands-free device while the vehicle is in motion.  

Note:  A violation will result in a Class C misdemeanor punishable only by a fine not to exceed fifty dollars. 


Officer Angela Istvanditsch, School Resource Officer

Ext. 22509615-904-3810