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Everyone loves a snow day every now and then, but enough is enough, right?! From all the hugs and smiles that our students gave on their first day back, I could tell that they were as glad to be back at school as much as I was. Being at school at Barfield is just a good place to be! We have a lot of exciting learning ahead to make up for lost time, so let’s gear up!

Amazing & Grateful! Those are the words to best describe your wonderful support of two charitable donation drives that we had before winter break. Through your efforts, 3,520 lbs. of food was collected which provided 2,934 meals for Greenhouse Ministries recipients. Our Soles for Souls shoe drive, coordinated by Mrs. Jeni Sanders, reaped 4,149 pairs of shoes that will be distributed to children and their families in underdeveloped countries throughout the world.

Do you have concerns that your preschooler is not reaching typical childhood milestones? Rutherford County Schools offers the opportunity for any child ages 3-5 to be screened for developmental delays FREE of charge. “Child Find” has been scheduled for Sat., Mar. 3, 2018, 8:30-2:30, at Barfield Elementary School.No appointment is necessary. While our preschool at Barfield has been designed primarily for students with developmental delays, three typically developing four year old children are selected each year to serve as models for the class. In order for your child to be considered as a typical peer, they must be screened on this date. Even if you do not wish to be considered for the preschool, you can bring your child in for the brief screening and receive valuable information about your child’s development.

Cold, dreary winter mornings can sometimes makes us feel like we want to just stay a little longer in our warm beds, but doing that on a school or work day sets us and our children up for a less than smooth start to the day and the tasks at hand. When students are tardy to school everyone is affected: you, your child, the office staff, your child’s classmates, and your child’s teacher. When there is a pattern of tardiness, a greater impact is seen when the child develops a lifelong habit of not being “to work” on time which oftentimes can result in poor self-esteem, lost jobs, and wages. Plan ahead: make what-to-wear and food decisions the night before. Make sure bedtimes allow for an adequate amount of sleep. Remove all electronics from your child’s room at bedtime. Set the alarm clock early enough so that everyone in the household has the chance to start their day in the most calm, productive manner possible. Everyone will be happier establishing this routine!

As always, thank you for your support in everything that we do at Barfield Elementary School! It does take a village to raise our children and YOU are a vital part of that team.