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From the Principal's Pen

As days grow longer, more time is being spent with ball practices and outdoor activities.  As a result, it makes it a little harder to get up and going. Currently, we are seeing a rise in students arriving late to school and not in class by 8:15.  Please be reminded that you are strongly encouraged to have your child arrive to school by 8:00, so that they are in their classrooms and ready to learn no later than 8:15. When being late to events becomes the normal practice for a child, it can be predicted that this will become a lifelong habit and this is certainly not what we would desire for our children. With that being said, plan ahead the night before, maintain a schedule that allows for sufficient sleep for your child, and plan to get to school by 8:00 each day. Finally, if your child is late to school, you must come in and sign your child in and state the reason for being late.

            Our students in grades 3-5 have completed the required state assessments in Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science (TNReady/TCAP). While the results of these tests will not  be factored into students’ final grades, these reports will provide vital information about where our teachers need to adjust instructional plans for next year as we seek to advance Tennessee’s very high academic standards. We appreciate so much your support during this testing process.  Whether you were able to provide class treats, serve as a proctor, or just made sure your child was at school on time each day during testing, we appreciate your efforts!

            A special recognition must be given to Beth Petroka, our PTO President,and our PTO Board for their support and the many volunteers who have given of their time, talents, and ideas this year to provide wonderful learning tools and the special events that make Barfield Elementary School a special place to be for everyone!

The final days of this school year are fast approaching and we have so many reasons to celebrate our students’ progress that go beyond the academics. We’ve seen them make mistakes and learn from them and we’ve seen them grow taller while moving closer to reaching their goals toward becoming all that they were intended to be. Thank you for the roles that you have played in contributing to the partnerships that have made possible these successes.


     --Judy Goodwin